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CSI SAP2000 V 15.1.0_Full (thuốc included)

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7

Newer Features

The following list identifies changes made to the program since the prior release:
More responsive graphical user interface, especially for the use of database tables
Real-time analysis for smaller models
Quick and easy generation of final printed reports
Predefined reports, or fully user-customized reports
Cover sheet
Formatted tables of model definition, analysis and design results
Graphical displays
Detailed design sheets
Improved automated load combinations for design
AISC 360-05/IBC2006 steel-frame design code, with seismic provisions
Direct Analysis Method of AISC 360-05 code
Includes small P-delta effect
Automated inclusion of stiffness modification factors, with user control
Design-decision guidance on when Direct Analysis Method is needed
CAN/CSA-S16-01 steel-frame design code, with seismic provisions
Enhanced design of eccentrically braced frames for AISC 360-05/IBC 2006 and CAN/CSA-S16-01 steel-frame design codes
Canadian NBCC 2005 wind loads, seismic loads, and response-spectrum functions
Load combinations can be converted to nonlinear load cases for advanced design
Enhanced display of failure modes for steel-frame design
DirectX graphics
Hyperstatic analysis for secondary prestress forces
Staged construction enhancement
Control by individual objects as well as by group
Frame end releases can be changed
Property modifiers for frames, tendons, and shells can be changed
Section properties for frames, tendons, and shells can be changed
Enhanced Section Designer
More control over material properties, including Mander model for all sections
Overlapping shapes allowed
Improved Boolean operations
Frame element fiber hinges for arbitrary sections can be defined using Section Designer
External tools developed by dealers and third parties can be accessed in SAP2000
OpenAPI functionality is complete and available without additional license
Users can add their own documents to be accessed through the SAP2000 Help menu
Export of geometry and element connectivity to CSI Perform-3D
Enhanced import of STAAD models
• Object Based Graphical Interface
• Model Templates with Auto Meshing
• Frame, Cable and Tendon Members
• Area (Shell) and Solid Objects with Internal Meshing
• Integrated Graphical Section Designer for Complex Frame Shapes
• Bridge Wizard for Bridge Modeling (A, P, BR)
• Editing with Move, Merge, Mirror and Replicate
• Accurate Dimensioning with Guidelines and Snapping
• Auto Edge Constraints for Mismatched Shell Meshes
• Quick Draw Options for Object Creation
• Tendons in Frame, Shell and Solid Objects
• Parametric Bridge Cross Sections (A, P, BR)
• Support for Multiple Coordinate Systems
• Powerful Grouping and Selection Options
• Definition of Highway Layout Lines (A, P, BR)
• Automatic Generation of Code Lateral Wind and Seismic Loads
• Wind Loads on Open Structures
• Transfer of Loads from Area Objects to Framing Systems
• Application of Lane Loads to Bridge (A, P, BR)
• Cracked Properties – Property Modification Factors
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading
• Line and Surface Multi-Linear Springs (A)
• Staged Construction Analysis (A, SC)
• Wave Generator (A, OS)
• Parametric Tendon Layout for Box Girders (A, P, BR)


• Static Analysis with Frame and Shell Objects (A, P, B)
• Response Spectrum Analysis with Eigen or Ritz Vectors (A, P, B)
• P-Delta Analysis (A, P, B)
• Joint Constraints including Rigid Bodies & Diaphragms (A, P, B)
• Applied Force and Displacement Loading (A, P, B)
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading (A, P, B)
• Layered Shell Element (A, P, B)
• Post Tensioning in Frame, Area and Solid Objects (A, P, B)
• Relaxation & Anchorage Slip Losses in Tendons (A, SC)
• Plane, Asolid and Solid Objects (A, P)
• Time History Analysis, including Multiple Base Excitation (A, P)
• Frequency Domain Analysis – Power Spectral Density (A, P)
• Moving Loads (A, P, BR)
• Time Dependent Concrete Creep & Shrinkage Effects (A, SC)
• Frame Hinges for Axial, Flexural, Shear & Torsional Behavior (A)
• Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (A)
• Viscous Dampers (A)
• Fiber Hinges (A)
• Base Isolators (A)
• Gap Object for Structural Pounding (A)
• Time History with Wilson FNA or Direct Integration Methods (A)
• Dynamic Effects of Moving Loads (A, P, BR)
• Segmental Construction Analysis (A, SC)
• API Simplified Fatigue Analysis (A, OS)
• Buckling Analysis Around Any Nonlinear State (A)
• Element-Based P-Delta Effects for Local Buckling Instabilities (A)
• Large Displacement/Small Strain Analysis (A)
• Nonlinear Large Rotations Cable Analysis (A)
• Steady State Analysis (A, P)
• Power Spectral Density (PSD) Analysis (A, P)
• Frequency Dependent Properties for Links/Supports (A, P)
• Pushover Analysis Using Fiber Models (A)
• Viscous Damper with Nonlinear Exponent on Velocity Term (A)
• Base Isolator with Biaxial Plasticity Behavior (A)
• Hinges offer P-M-M Interaction Eng-Syria.NET with Moment-Curvature (A)
• Section Designer – Mander Model for Confined Concrete (A)
• Pivot-Hysteresis and Takeda Models for Plastic Link Behavior (A)
• Double-Acting Friction Pendulum Isolators (A)

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