Tekla Structures Help- Questions? and Answers.

Teklastructures Help- Questions? and Answers.

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I am Starting this Thread with some Questions and Answers of Tekla structures software help.I am taking this questions and answers from the Tekla Extranet, which are posted by the most of the users (from all over world) of Teklastructures.I feel this will be very helpfull for the users of Tekla software, who haven't the access to Tekla Extranet.Also please note taht, Somebody will be very aware of these questions and somebody not.So my aim is to help people who is not aware of these questions and answers.I am telling this why because of somebody will feel that they know all of these help, then why he(me) is posting this simple materials.

With every Questions,I will post the answer(posted by the Tekla supports) also.If any others know the easiest way instead of this Answers, please support us. 

Note:- I found a similar Thread in below link (software request section). But I feel that is not the right section(May be I will be wrong) for our Software manual Help.(please kindly don't feel that I am not blaming anybody.)

So with all of your permission and support, I am sharing this in our Great Forum.

Qes-1: Is there any way we can set the numbering so it always uses 4 digits, for example, a P1 plate would be P0001 or a M215 column would be M0215? 

Ans: Part, assembly, cast unit and rebar numbering formats can be controlled with the following advanced options:


By entering .3 after the position number you will get three digits:


[Image: 43695218435234946725.jpg]

After changing these settings, you need to restart Tekla Structures to get the changes visible.
Do not change these settings if you have already created drawings.

See Tekla Structures Help for more information (Advanced options reference >> Advanced options Reference Guide >> List of advanced options).

Qes-2: How to set the decimals for the length and area_plan in the part marks on the drawing?

Ans: The general unit and precision used in part marks are taken from the file: contentattributes_global.lst, located at ..\environments\*your_environment*\template\settings.

In TS 15 you can create custom graphical templates (.tpl) with Template Editor and add them as elements in marks and associative notes in the same way as other elements. You can set the measures, for example LENGTH and AREA_PLAN, to have 0 decimals in the .lst file and then in each template where you want to have more decimals you can set the right number.
Applicable in Tekla Structures versions: 15.0 and later versions
Qes-3: How can we get the part marks of plates to write PL10*154 instead of PL10*154.2 on assembly drawings?

Ans: In order to achieve this, you need to set the advanced option XS_MAX_DECIMALS_IN_PROFILE_NAME=0 in the Profiles category. In addition, for it to work properly, you also need to have the advanced option XS_USE_NEW_PLATE_DESIGNATION=TRUE in the Plate Work category. Whenever some changes are done, you need to update the marks for them to show the changes.
Qes-4: I have a PDF file containing a 2D drawing which I would like to use as reference file in Tekla Structures. How can I use the PDF file as a reference model?
A: Tekla Structures does not support PDF (2D / 3D) as reference model.Hence you need to convert the PDF file to a file format supported by Tekla Structures, for instance to Autodesk AutoCAD DWG and DXF format. Have a look at these applications which are designed to convert PDF files to AutoCAD format:

Print2CAD:- 2011 Software is a program that converts PDF, TIFF, JPEG and HPGL file to DWG or DXF files which in turn can be converted into any CAD system, so you can use and edit them.


pdf2cad:- converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files that you can open and edit in AutoCAD™ and other popular engineering programs. They can then be edited and saved in native CAD formats such as DWG for AutoCAD and DGN for Microstation. pdf2cad also generates HPGL which is a popular CAD archival format.


Any PDF to DWG Converter:- batch converts PDF to DWG and PDF to DXF format for fast and efficient editing in AutoCAD. It allows you to easy convert PDF to DWG and PDF to DXF without the need of AutoCAD.


Aide PDF to DXF Converter:- is a powerful windows program that will help you convert your PDF files to usable and editable DXF files quickly and easily.


PDF to DWG Converter:- helps you to convert PDF to DWG or PDF to DXF file.


PDF2DWG:- is used to convert PDF files directly to DWG or DXF file formats used by CAD applications. It runs in Windows and does not require the presence of any CAD application.


Scan2CAD:- is a two-in-one application solution. It offers both Raster to Vector and PDF to CAD conversion in one program.


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